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School Workboxes

A new home… When my husband got a new desk for Christmas, he offered me the table that he had been using.  Of course I don’t want it!  Where would we put it?!?  Well, fortunately I gave it a second thought and consequently produced the best organizing achievement of Tamsyn history.  There have been so […]

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Polar Bear unit study

About a year ago, my youngest siblings made these polar bears with my son.  We printed out the template from www.thebestkidsbooksite.com, cut and glued them onto blue construction paper for contrast, and had fun gluing cotton swabs to them.  We found that the most effective way for the younger children to do this was to […]

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Adapting Math-U-See for the pre-primer crowd

I had a friend who recently introduced Math-U-See to me, with the recommendation that children learn their numbers and numerals up to nine before beginning.  This was good advice.  As I poured through the Introduction to Mathematics book (now replaced by the Primer) and became excited about the program, I realize that they need this […]

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Decimal Street

Recently we have started using the Math-U-See curriculum in our home, adapting it for our pre-primer children.  One of the highlights of the program is making a poster of a placed called “decimal street” to teach place value.  Looking for ideas, I found The Daniel Academy’s lapbook.  I really liked the idea of using Cars […]

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Chess for preschoolers

“Checkmate in two moves” says my son after an engaging match. Then I wake up.  The truth is, my three-year-old son does not even have the attention span to play Candyland.  Before he was two, he knew his basic colors inside and out, and so when he was 2 1/2, we gave him Candyland for […]

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Dinosaur sorting

I am the oldest of 11 and for Christmas my younger brothers completed a sewing project that they got from Washington Online, which they gave to my son for Christmas.  My children have had a lot of fun with this toy.  It has reinforced color and sorting.  We have talked about big and small, and […]

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Fun with tangrams

I have recently rediscovered and been enchanted by tangrams.  What an amazing discovery!  They have a fascinating history, and so many uses, from story telling, understanding area, puzzle solving, and more.  I stumbled across a fantastic book, Math games and Activities.  It has several tangram worksheets like the one I cut out and laminated on […]

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Nap time!

My daughter is a little monkey.  She loves to climb.  She also has a gift for falling asleep whenever, and wherever the mood strikes her.  For example, the kitchen table, or the piano… Where have your children fallen asleep?

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Mommy, what happens to fish in the winter?

Well, it’s a good thing that ice floats, or they would all be dead.  Luckily, what happens is that they just keep swimming and and living during the winter as they do in the summer, but the lake freezes on top.  Yesterday we illustrated this with a tasty treat, albeit with foods containing food coloring […]

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Review for hometownseeds

One of the links that was lost when I transferred the website hosting over was for hometown seeds.  The good people from this company contacted me and asked for a link in exchange for a seed packet.  I was really excited about that and agreed, and I’m excited to be planting them this year.  It’s […]

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