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The Solfege Train

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Beginning Rhythm

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What others are saying about "Beginning Rhythm"

"I absolutely love your materials. I teach preschool piano and my students love using the I've Got Rhythm. Board. Great interaction qualities"  -Julia Potter

"This looks amazing!!!! Okay! I am going to do it all!!!!! Love it! :) Well, all of the first portion and work my way up. I am looking forward to teaching this. The games look fun and I am REALLY excited that music is going to be one of the languages I am teaching my kids. I would have never been able to do this without you."  -Ashly McGee

"The kids had a lot of fun as we covered all the notes except one as they tried to guess what rhythm was done.  It is a start for my kids all to learn and something that each age was able to do together. I really like that is fits a wide range of ages and skill levels. It is great for kids that are starting out like mine but also can help beginners advance and learn even more." -Family Stitchery Blog

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Glissando Note-Reading Game

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