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Thank you for your interest in Piano Wizard.  As an affiliate, I have two options for links that I can share.  This one sends you to their main website:

Piano learning software for kids
The second one will give you a much better price, but you have to jump through a couple hoops.  It is on a squeeze page.  You can try to close out of the window, and a window will pop up and say "wait".  Click on stay, and you will be on a giant sales page.  Scroll down to the bottom to see the price.  This is the deal that I purchased and I wanted to pass it on, but I also want my readers to know what to expect, and why it's worth it to jump through the hoops.  It will give you significant savings.  :)

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Rasal Khan said...

Read your music far from the piano and envision the way you need to play it (this is additionally imperative to do regardless of the possibility that you haven't been taking in the piece that long). Additionally check for any markings you might have missed when you were first taking in the piece and incorporate them into your practicePerform at the piano

Andrew said...

The simplest digital pianos have realistic "hammer action" that closely match the sensation of enjoying a forte-piano. Another issue to seem for are some things known as ranked action.

jhon said...

Sliding scale available for those in need or for multiple family member time slots.
Openings for Fall/ Winter students extending lessons to Monday and Tuesday afternoon and evenings. studio musicians

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