Feb 27, 2015

Music projects and membership site.

Many things have happened for our family lately- moving to California, moving into an RV, and now, in our effort to be location independent, I have been hard at work on my music website.  Here are some of the free printables I have posted recently.

Glissando is a board game based on Parcheesi.

Solfege Fingers is a singing game.

Music Berries is a board game with many different uses.  White background also available.

Solfege Hopscotch Game is a singing game played with coins and your voice.

I have also purchased some video making software and learned in part how to use it.  I'm excited about how this tool will help me make build more materials in the future.  I made this Major Key Signature tutorial with full-sized printables.

I've also been making videos to accompany the Mother Play project I did a few years ago, making recordings from Froebel's original Kindergarten music.

But of all of the projects I've done, I am most excited about my new membership site.  I've been wanting to build one for a long time, but it was cost prohibitive.  The technology and software became available to me about a week ago, and I jumped for it.  members.teaching-children-music.com is now live.  All of the Mother Play videos I've made are on the site, as well as all of the materials from The Solfege Train and Beginning Rhythm, and I have great plans for this website.  No longer do I have to wait until a large project is completed before releasing my work, I can add materials as I make them.  Please consider joining.  :)  Better yet, once you are a member, you can join the affiliate program and make a 40% commission on any sales you refer.  Membership access is only $30 per 6-month period.  My goal is to provide deep value to many people at as an affordable price as I can and still earn a fair wage for my work, as my entrepreneurial Dad has taught me by example.  I really hope I will be able to build a successful business that can support our family and allow me to make materials full-time.  The more members, the more time I will be able to devote to the site.

So here's my little plea for action in my shameless plug allowed in places like a personal blog- please consider joining the membership site if these materials are useful to you.  There's a lot there!  But if it's not a good fit for you right now, maybe you know someone else that would like these materials.  Homeschoolers, music teachers, and public school teachers who cover music, and really, anyone wanting to learn more about music, are my target audience.  Any and all help with this website launch is greatly appreciated!  Thank you.  :)



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