Oct 15, 2013


This week I am attending an online seminar called "Reboot Your Brain", which you can learn more about if you scroll down past my review of the Photoreading session I listened to by Paul Scheele, PhD, which was the session I was most interested in.

Oct 4, 2013

Plans for the school year

A month into the new school year, it's time to finish this draft as I do want to share what we are doing this year.  I was going to do school year-round but opted for a break in August and it has been a good time for me to do some curriculum research and get excited about what is possible.  So much is possible!  So many goals tend to fade over time as real life hits, but if you never set goals, if you never raise the bar, you will never improve.  It is better to aim for the stars and hit the tree tops than to aim for the tree tops and land in the mud, so to speak.  So when I set goals, I also give myself permission to adapt and change them.
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