Sep 1, 2012

How to make a large colored die.

Here’s how I made my die:

Step One: laminate 6 colored pages of your choice.

Step Two:  Choose a square cardboard box to act as a die.  I found that a grahams crackers box was mostly square, and the perfect size.  I strengthened my box by placing a cardboard “X” in the middle, as shown.  I sized them the height I wanted, and cut slits in the box’s corners to match.

Step Three:  Use a ruler to fold the box at the desired height.  This will help you fold the line straight and avoid unwanted creases.

Step Four:  Tape the edges down to make your basic cube.

Step Five:  Because the cube isn’t perfect, I traced each edge on the prepared colored papers and marked each corresponding edge on the cube.  I then cut the paper out and taped them onto the box with clear packaging tape.  There was a lot of clear-tape overlap, which is great as it makes the cube more durable and water-proof.  This cube can be used for lots of learning activities.  Because each edge is laminated, you can tape anything you want to on the edges for temporary or quasi-permanent use.  Be creative and have fun!

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