Aug 30, 2011

Rhythm Sorting page

Summer vacation is over!  I'm still not exactly sure where it went, but I'm excited to get back to school with my little ones.

I have recently been focusing all of my "computer time" updating my e-book, "Rhythm for Preschoolers", and it is almost finished.  Thank you to everyone who has given me feedback- it really helps.

The following worksheet just didn't make the cut, but it's still worth sharing and maybe some of you will like it.  My son loves cutting and gluing things, and to that end I made this little exercise.  Enjoy!

Aug 13, 2011

To homeschool or not to homeschool...

I've been recently following an interesting post and the comments following it on the blog "A Goddess in Progress."  It's titled, "I'm torn on my feelings about homeschooling."  For those who haven't decided whether they will homeschool or not, as the school year is looming nearer, it's a hard decision.  I made this comment on her post:

For those of you sitting on the fence, here's a suggestion. Pretend for a few days that you are going to homeschool. Just pretend. Most homeschoolers don't do public school at home. Look into the different styles and methods. Eclectic is a combination of whatever works for you, and is very popular. There's Classical education (a branch of it is the Thomas Jefferson Education). Charlotte Mason and Waldorf are very nature friendly. Montessori uses a lot of different manipulatives. 4-H can give kids a lot of recognition for their work (you can do it all through 4-H). Timberdoodle is my favorite homeschooling company. ( "Math projects you can build at home" is a really fun math book, and there are more out there like it. There are a plethora of curriculums out there for all of the major subjects. If you're in Utah, check out Washington online. It's public school at home, and you don't have to pay for anything. Honestly pretend that you are going to homeschool for a few days, explore the possibilities, see what your local homeschooling group is like and what they are doing, and give yourself a true picture of what homeschooling would be like for your family. Now you can really compare apples to apples on your debate between homeschooling and public school and can make a better choice. It really is a matter of prayer. Homeschooling isn't for everyone, but more and more people are trying it, and with this influx has come an increase of resources to make the transition easier. Homeschooling is very different now than it was in the 70's.

That's just some food for thought for you.

Note to self:  Congratulations, Tamsyn, you wrote a blog post!  That wasn't so hard, now, was it?  You need to start writing more often again...

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