Jan 8, 2011

Scripture Reading Challenge

This week for family home evening, we accepted a scripture reading challenge we found online. I was so excited when I found this program at scriptures4kids.org. I have found many reading programs for children, but what I loved about this one is that it is open to children ages 2-17, which means that I can do it with my little boy. Recently I started reading the Church's Book of Mormon Reader to him, and I have been pleased with how well he understands it and how the individual chapters are about as long as his attention span. We don't always read for 15 minutes, so I'm going to need to supplement the evening chapter reading with something else, or start reading two chapters a day. For the younger children, reading any scripture-based book counts!
There are a variety of challenges available on their website, geared towards the different reading levels of your children.  For older children, they have challenges like "read the entire Book of Mormon in 60 days", and they have charts for younger children as well. Printing out the chart and putting the stickers on has made it more exciting for him. See every scripture reading challenge here. This is the one we have chosen:

I told my mother about this program and she is excited to do it with my younger siblings. They have a limit of 6 rewards per household, which is exactly how many siblings I have between the ages of 2 and 17. They also have a sample Family Home Evening lesson outline designed to help you get started.
Happy reading everyone!

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