Jan 8, 2011

The Making of a Queen

My little children are my life, and what a joy they are to me! Recently I have been seeking a higher level of refinement for myself. Watching movies like Pride and Prejudice, and Ever After, I analyzed the heroine’s characters, and admired their vocabulary, their poise, their wit, and their goodness. I want to be more like that.

Now we give it a religious turn. I want to be more like my Savior. I want to be more like my Heavenly Mother. That is the point of our existence here on this earth, to get a body, and have the experiences we need to learn, grow, and refine ourselves. I’m so grateful for my Savior, who has provided a way for us to return to our Heavenly parents someday. As children of God, we truly are all Princes and Princesses. This song refers to the making of a queen, for I know I have much to learn before I achieve that level of refinement. But I truly am a princess, and aspiring to become a queen is a great motivating factor to me. When I serve my family, folding the laundry, cleaning the sink, changing diapers, supporting my husband, these are all small steps leading to a greater end. One does not need to be a mother to become a queen, but in my personal life, it is these small children that inspire me the most. They too are nobility, and it my task to inspire them to such. Thank you, Peter and Helen, for coming to our little family and inspiring me to be something greater.

The Making of a Queen

 Once upon a time a little girl was born,
She grew into a princess, and then on that fateful morn
She met a handsome prince, long ago and far away,
And they knew they loved each other, and they’d be married someday.

And they lived happily ever after, after the manner of happiness,
Loving and serving each other, the prince and his princess,
And the land begins to prosper, for they are wise, gentle and good,
The prince to rule the kingdom, and the girl to motherhood.

When I was very small, I dreamed that I would be
The princess in the story, with a castle by the sea.
Now that I am grown, I see what it could mean,
To look beyond the princess, have I grown to be a queen?

Will I live happily ever after, after the manner of happiness?
Loving and serving my family, their many lives to bless?
I want to build God’s Kingdom, I want to cherish up His word.
To live happily ever after, I must love and serve the Lord.

Now with my handsome prince we hold our firstborn son,
For now I am a mother, and a new chapter’s begun.
I hold my second child, the light within her beams,
And we face a different journey as our children shape our dreams.

Will they live happily ever after? Am I helping them to see
The way they should be living, what the Lord wants them to be?
Then a voice within me whispers what I never had foreseen,
With this prince and little princess comes the making of a queen.

©2009 Tamsyn Spackman

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