Jan 8, 2011

Family Home Evening

Family home evening for us is a way to share our religion with our children in a way that is meaningful to them. While the ultimate goal of this page would be to encourage you to find a time to spend with your family gathered around you in wholesome recreational activities, I will be un-ashamed to say that for our family, this special evening is a time for worship as well.
I am LDS (a Mormon), and recently in our General Conference broadcast, I found myself searching for a common theme in the different sessions, something big that I could focus on overall to help me in my personal life. The common theme that I found was the importance of teaching our children the gospel, and strengthening our homes. I was really humbled by this encouragement. I have focused so much of their education on reading, life skills, and the other more academic subjects. How much time do I spend teaching them the stories of the scriptures? Do they know of my testimony of the Gospel? Have they felt the Spirit when I tell them how much their Savior, Jesus Christ, loves them? While I have made these efforts in the past, this last conference was a time for me to reflect on how crucially important this aspect of our home environment is.
I have made some changes to our daily schedule to help my children's testimonies blossom, but the biggest change that my husband and I are doing together is to make family home evening more special. Not every week can be a spiritual feast or masterpiece of enlightenment. We are human, and the follies of that inherent nature will certainly creep into our lives. But what we can do is be consistent. We can consistently meet as a family and study the gospel, even if the inevitable chaos ensues. Our hope is that in the culmination of years of family time together, somehow the message will get across.

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